We improve the performance of your teams whith a scientific method

We detect and measure the transformation capacity

For more information, contact info@sapiensmindset.com
For more information, contact info@sapiensmindset.com

What are our areas of transformation?

Ambassadors for Change

We provide objectivity and a process in the selection and accompaniment of change agents to turn them into transformation referents.

Managers and Executives

We work to customize the necessary managerial transformation so that managers can accompany their teams.

Commercial Equipment

We go a step beyond commercial competencies, adding the previous personal transformation and thus having commercial referents.


We help define transformational mindset DNA profiles applicable to recruitment processes.

Digital Transformation

We synchronize the personal transformation mentality with the digital transformation that transforms organizations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teams

We bring objectivity and science to the art of innovation and entrepreneurship in organizations.

Some testimonials


ENAGAS was looking for a way to measure the degree of innovative culture and entrepreneurship of its teams and intrapreneurs. They didn’t know how to carry out that evaluation or what tools to use.


Sapiens Mindset, in coordination with the General Directorate of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation of Enagas, evaluated the level of entrepreneurial culture in a group of 60 profiles, linked to entrepreneurship activity. Tools such as people analytics were used.

The results of these measurements are allowing «Enagas Emprende», as well as the People and Resources Department, to define a strategic plan to jointly improve the culture of entrepreneurship. In this way, Sapiens Mindset has incorporated relevant information that will be useful for recruitment, possible training programs (sales teams and managers) and appropriate analysis for greater business performance.