Case Study of #PeopleAnalytics Success at Mutua Universal.


Mutua Universal was created more than 100 years ago with the purpose of promoting occupational health and prevention in our country, as basic elements for human development, fostering the welfare state in society.

Recognized for its quality of care and management capacity, in recent years it has undergone a process of transformation to adapt to changes in the sector.


The company’s managers integrated the selection of these agents or ambassadors of change into their performance plans and, when the time came, they wanted to objectively validate that those chosen were the ideal candidates for the model.

To verify that their decision making had been correct and at the same time to look for a more objective system for future selections led Mutua Universal to contact Sapiens Mindset.


Starting with a pilot test in the HR department by David Estivill, the Sapiens Mindset methodology obtained an average score of #transformability from its participants.

The next step was to apply Sapiens Mindset’s people analytics to the 80 change agents. They took as many self-assessment tests

and peer evaluations, thus increasing the amount of analyzable data and the richness of the reports subsequently generated.


This objective validation of a decision-making process such as the one carried out by Mutua Universal has not only served to corroborate the quality of its change ambassador selection process, but also serves as a starting point in the search for a more objective system for future selections.

The data provided by Sapiens Mindset’s people analytics will allow the company to more accurately align the change agents with the future actions that the company is developing through blended training programs and personalized coaching.


From Llorenç Vall, training manager at Mutua Universal

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