COSERAL Innova, a transversal innovation project born in the commercial department, sought to reinforce and develop the right attitudes and Mindset to embrace all the company’s departments and become a reality and not just a project of the Management Committee. The Management Committee wanted to have an objective diagnosis of how close or far we were from the Innova spirit, which requires reinforcing the capacity to transform and generate transformation on the part of all personnel. They wanted it to become a philosophy that reaches the market as a favorable differentiating factor. Innova should lead to permanently questioning all operations, with the aim of achieving a unique approach to the customer.


Strategy session with the Management Committee, definition of objectives and key concepts. Conducting self-assessments and third-party evaluations of all personnel to obtain a 360º perspective. The results obtained led to development sessions. Each person obtained his or her report and each department received the group diagnosis, to understand which areas should be worked on with special insistence. The second assessment detected an increase in the Sapiens Index of around 10%.


The program has made it possible to reinforce and convey the internal communication of the COSERAL Innova project. It has been understood that Innova is not only a project of the commercial area, although the objective of the project must be especially oriented to the customer as it is an eminently commercial and service-oriented company, all departments can contribute to make the commercial approach differential and winning. People have obtained tools and an action plan. New spaces for cross-cutting debate have been generated to move the company in the desired direction.