Creatio Ub and Sapiens Mindset

Creatio UB trusted Sapiens Mindset to offer its team a workshop during a day outside the laboratories. Their goal and ours was to focus on cohesion, sharing and communication techniques.  

All participants enjoyed the opportunity to get to know their colleagues a little better. They worked on their individual and group presentation techniques while communicating, laughing, exchanging feedback, overcoming their fears, supporting each other, and having fun learning.  

For Sapiens Mindset it was a great pleasure to meet them, to know what they work on, to listen to the incredible things they do every day and to be able to do our bit so that in the future they can spread their knowledge and know-how to all kinds of audiences, either to instruct future scientists or to convince those who will facilitate and promote their work.  

We hope that all your 7s from now on will be extraordinary, that through them you will achieve your goals, and that you will continue to enjoy your work, which is so important for our society.  

Thank you and see you on the road to transformation! 

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