Enagas Emprende


To measure the degree of innovative and entrepreneurial culture of its teams and to confirm as objectively as possible that the Corporate Entrepreneurship Department is made up of the best assets to develop ideas and business projects that allow them to generate value, diversify the business and incorporate disruptive technologies through corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation and promote the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

"Thanks to Sapiens Mindset we have been able to approach with a real objective tool the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that our employees and intra-entrepreneurs have in Enagás Emprende."
Fernando Impuesto Nogueras,
General Manager


Sapiens Mindset tools provided to 60 intrapreneurs, both internal and external, to measure their level of entrepreneurial and transformational culture. Conference and follow-up activity concluding the first phase. The measurements have provided rigorous data to improve the practices of DG People and Resources and to continue with phase 2 in which they work together with DG Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation in the development and improvement of this culture. A new measurement in the third phase to be applied in the near future in order to check the evolution of the participants.


Enagás has found in Sapiens Mindset the formula to objectively measure the entrepreneurial and transforming culture of its teams. The use of people analytics has given rigor to a key department for the company. Enagás’ Corporate Entrepreneurship processes now have an objectivity that is prized and sought after by any company focused on Innovation and People.