From CV Fracasional al #CV of Failures. Yes, In english!!!

In 2020 and in the midst of the pandemic, Sapiens Mindset decided to create the first blended training program specialized in:

Learning to develop and improve tolerance to error and failure.

This November 2022 and more than two years later, we continue to evolve our method thanks to people and organizations that have trusted in our methodology.

What activities have we carried out during this time?

We delivered several editions of this program to teachers in the public sector, supported by training to ICE credits.

The program has been deployed in two charter schools that have implemented the program to their teachers, who are already using the Failional Cv with their students.

We are creating an edition with people from the sports world to manage the mistakes and failures of athletes.

And now, we are taking another step forward.

We are teaching the 1st edition of the CV of Failures in ENGLISH.

In the framework of the European project TRUE and to a group of more than 20 professionals from the educational sector of four European Universities such as Barcelona, Montpellier, Lisbon and Extremadura.

We continue betting on innovation and of course, celebrating the successes and learning from our mistakes and failures.

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