How to have referent salespeople?

Digitalization and constant change have had a major impact on commercial relations between companies, and if we add to this the impacts that our society has experienced in recent years, we will see that commercial relations have had to be transformed.

At this time, we must ask ourselves.

  • What kind of salespeople do we have and/or does the market require?
  • Do we challenge or challenge by betting on change and innovation?
  • What role does the emotional bond play?

We have all asked ourselves these questions at one time or another during the last few months and it is difficult to find an answer based on objective or almost scientific criteria to improve our decisions.

For this reason we are contacting you for a question that we hope will help you.

We want to GIVE you a digital tool designed to:

Detect which salesperson profile we have, being able to categorize between dispatcher, salesperson or referrer (mentor and challenger).
Detect the capacity for change of our teams.

If you are interested in knowing more information about this gift, we offer you two options:

1st Individual self-assessment

Fill in this questionnaire and you will receive the answer at the end of it.

2nd Collective self-evaluation

If you are a group of people, contact us and we will provide you with all the information and the process.

We hope that this solution will facilitate your decision making and will help you to answer the first three questions, with the following three answer options

We need commercial referrals
We need to dispatch, sell and learn to challenge.
We need to strengthen ties

Thank you very much for everything and keep in touch

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