From inspiration to data

  • Conduct diagnostics on people’s capacity for change and transformation
  • Develop and support these processes
  • Create digital tools that facilitate this work
  • Replicate and scale the mindset inside organizations



What is the purpose of Sapiens Mindset's People Analytics?

To define behavioral guidelines that allow us to develop the transformational mindset Sapiens Mindset.

To objectively measure, develop and evaluate the participants’ capacity for transformation, measuring their ability to assume changes, to overcome adversities and to exercise leadership.

To perform a Screening, Assessment or Multiple Profiling of the HR Sapiens Mindset in the different areas of an organization.

Todo esto nos permite hacer:


Scanning and conducting a study of personal and professional profiles related to transformation management.
At the end of the self-assessment, a personalized individual report and aggregated results are delivered to each member.

EVALUATION BY THE OTHERS (multiple profiling)

It consists of evaluating different aspects of a person from several observers close to him/her. The objective of this evaluation is to contrast how a person evaluates him/herself and how others perceive him/her.


Once the transformation activity has been delivered, a new measurement is performed again in order to measure the evolution and compare the results with their progress. In this case, the detail can be more in-depth by having a time-related comparison.

Areas of transformation

Ambassadors for Change

We provide objectivity and a process in the selection and accompaniment of change agents to turn them into transformation referents.

Managers and Executives

We work to customize the necessary managerial transformation so that managers can accompany their teams.

Commercial Equipment

We go a step beyond commercial competencies, adding the previous personal transformation and thus having commercial referents.


We help define transformational mindset DNA profiles applicable to recruitment processes.

Digital Transformation

We synchronize the personal transformation mentality with the digital transformation that transforms organizations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teams

We bring objectivity and science to the art of innovation and entrepreneurship in organizations.