At that very moment, this idea of creating a method with scientific rigor was born

The mindset for transformation

Transformability based on the Sapiens Mindset is the mentality that allows people to have the self-control necessary to transform themselves and from there, be able to change their environment and their organizations.


  • Data reliability 
  • Makes work easier
  • Easy to use
  • Replicability
  • Best decisions

#Sapiens mindset method

This method is designed to achieve an analysis of psychometric qualities to

  • Conduct diagnostics on people’s capacity for change and transformation
  • Develop and support these processes
  • Create digital tools that facilitate this work
  • Replicate and scale the mindset inside organizations

. We propose a technological platform endorsed by a scientific method  called #PeopleAnalytics. 

To define behavioral guidelines that allow us to develop the transformational mindset Sapiens Mindset.

To objectively measure, develop and evaluate the participant’s capacity for transformation, measuring their ability to assume changes, to overcome adversities and to exercise leadership.

To know the reasons that promote resistance to change

Converting an inspirational act into objective data.

Why do we need Sapiens mindset method?

Every process of change or transformation requires a proper identification of the «Why» that is:

WHAT  we want to transform.

WHERE  do we want to go or what do we want to achieve.

HOW  to communicate it properly to the entire organization is the first starting point we need to know before addressing such change.

The origins

The Sapiens Mindset is based on the model of 3 books written by Albert Riba and published in the Empresa Activa collection of Ediciones Urano; They talk about the vital concerns to adapt and undertake, how to prevent and overcome adversities and how to keep teams motivated and in constant transformation.

The success of his books led Albert to give lectures in multiple countries around the world. It was 2015, when he was in Mexico giving a conference and a workshop to a commercial team of 100 people at the Sanofi company, when they asked him:

“How can you help us deploy this Sapiens transformation mentality to our entire team of more than 500 people?”

After two years of in-depth analysis, in 2017, Albert Riba and Ramon Leiro signed an agreement with the University of Barcelona to initiate a knowledge transfer project. They added Dr. Jordi Renom, from the Department of Social Psychology and Quantitative Psychology of the Faculty of Psychology, to the project to help them create a method designed to achieve an analysis of psychometric qualities.

This way, they were able to develop a tool, with the #PeopleAnalytics methodology and they went from being inspired by books to data in control panels and were able to measure:

  • The ability to face change, based on the book Mammoth or Sapiens.
  • The ability to overcome adversity and, above all, to prevent it, described in the book The Paralysis That Activates.
  • The reference leadership described in the book Tropa Sapiens.

More than 12 people have participated in the process during these five years, and the method has been validated with scientific criteria and already implemented in real clients.

Today, we continue to evolve the method, with new functionalities and competencies that help organizations transform.