We diagnose based on 3 questionnaires. When completed, certain variables will be analyzed, and we will obtain reliable results according to the Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient.

  1. Sapiens Index: The score obtained will refer to the degree to which we are able to face changes.

         2. Prevention Index: Degree to which the person is able to prevent and overcome adversities.

        3. Reference Index: Degree to which the person exhibits referential leadership.

    We can obtain results from our self-analysis as well as an objective outcome from external observers: 360° Questionnaire.

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Transformation School

Before starting the change process, it is vital to prepare, develop, and accompany the members of our organizations to learn to live with this uncertainty and to manage the results to achieve the success of the transformation in which we are immersed.

For this reason, we have created the Transformation School, a program that includes face-to-face and online training through a campus, which, in addition to mentoring sessions and evaluation tools, allows us to lead a transformation.

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Positive mistakes

  • How can we reduce the failure rate in young people?
  • What tools can we offer to teachers?
  • Would it be possible to carry out prevention and have more indicators?

The program is aimed at people and organizations interested in improving the transformation capacity through learning from error and failure. This solution allows us to move from effectiveness to efficiency. Aimed at those who must make decisions in changing environments.

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