In 2017 we started a knowledge transfer project with the area of Methodology and Psychology of the University of Barcelona seeking to ‘create our own method with scientific rigor’ that would allow us to ‘detect and measure the capacity for change of people and organizations’.

In 2019 and after intense dedication, we achieved this scientific rigor and went a step further by creating the company Sapiens Mindset SL aimed at the implementation of such solutions, especially people analytics used in the inspiration and development of the capacity for change.

And a couple of years later, in 2021 and in the middle of the pandemic, we were able to move forward and integrate people analytics with digitization thanks to business intelligence, artificial intelligence and other solutions such as gamification, microlearning, etc…

All this path has involved two major challenges, both of them finally achieved.

  • To have our own rigorous method
  • To get the first customers to validate the proposal.

The solution has already been used in Spain, France, Portugal, Ecuador and Colombia and is already being used by clients such as Mutua Universal, Enagas, and in a European project in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, among others.

The solution is being implemented mainly in management environments, sales teams and agents of change and innovation.

And now in the year 2022 we will continue to move forward and give shape to something that has arisen during this journey and what is about to begin. We are talking about the SAPIENS NETWORK.

And what is it?

The SAPIENS NETWORK is a collaborative program between different people and companies interested in disseminating, promoting and implementing Sapiens Mindset solutions.

If you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our team will contact you.

Sincerely and thank you

Communication Department

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