The digital world and new ways of communicating

The new technologies, particularly in the audiovisual realm, have sparked a significant change in how artists or companies relate to their audience, or entrepreneurs to their workers, to cite two examples. It’s undeniable that this digital era demands greater involvement and cohesion among the users of such technology. 

We are witnessing a revolution in communication between people and companies. Companies are digitizing with the aim of automating processes, becoming more efficient, and providing quick solutions. But at the same time, customers and workers want them not to lose their human touch. That’s why many of the technologies we saw at ISE were aimed towards humanizing robotics: we saw virtual assistants with human voices, life-size holograms of people, AI that responds to natural language… 

At Sapiens Mindset, we provide solutions to the new challenges businesses are facing which, as Marcos Urarte mentioned in his conference at the ISE fair, include managing uncertainty. Those who manage uncertainty better will have a significant competitive advantage over others. 

We focus on the individuals who make up our companies, the teams. We study, observe, and measure what makes each individual unique: Their attributes, motivations, capacity for change, everything that goes beyond mere knowledge, everything that makes them human. We aim to establish an emotional connection between the organization and the employees, as well as good cohesion among the teams, grouping individuals based on what they can contribute to themselves and to the project they are working on. We talk about humanizing your company and thereby improving business figures. We use analytical methods and establish statistical correlations. The way to cross-reference the KPIs of each individual with your business results requires AI. We can identify which profiles in our company are more proactive, a necessary quality for, for example, expanding our business, or if those with better communication skills have a better sales profile and contribute to higher profit margins for the company. Knowing what a specific quality means for the company, we offer a personalized action plan to each member, which will motivate our teams to be better and more competent in areas where they may not feel as comfortable. The reports offered by Sapiens Mindset will be very useful when it comes to creating workgroups with a specific motivation or for a particular project. In hiring, they will help us determine which qualities will add value to our corporation. Personal qualities are very important now, in the digital age, because it is also the age of talent; let’s not forget that. 

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