Universal Mutual

Universal Mutual

Objective Validation of the choice of Agents of Change in your transformation process.


Digital transformation process, need to train and develop employees in line with business objectives and competency needs. Emphasis on talent management.

Need to objectively validate the choice of change agents or ambassadors and their suitability for the model. Verify correct decision making and seek a more objective system for future selections.


Pilot test in the HR department, obtaining an average #transformability score as a starting point. Application of Sapiens Mindset people analytics to the 80 change agents, with self-assessment tests and third-party evaluations. Average #transformability score obtained as a group and as individuals. Participants more than 10% above the average established by the pilot group, confirmation of appropriate selection process.


Objective validation of its change ambassador selection process serves as a starting point in the search for a more objective system for future selections. The data provided by Sapiens Mindset’s people analytics allows the company to more accurately align change agents with the future actions the company is developing.