School of leadership

The ‘Leadership School’ is much more than a training programme; it is a space for personal and professional transformation and development.

In this dynamic and modern environment, tomorrow’s leaders are nurtured with knowledge, skills and experiences that enable them not only to excel in their current roles, but also to inspire and guide others towards a promising future.

Here, learning goes beyond the classroom, merges with practice and is enriched by the diversity of thought and perspectives that enable them to manage their teams and organisations in today’s complex environment.

Leadership referent

Evolution teams

Tolerating the error

High performance

The programme consists of a total of 50 hours structured as follows:

  • Face-to-face sessions (12h), synchronous virtual sessions (16h) and online dedication through an Online Campus (estimated 16h).
  • At the end of the programme, in order to facilitate implementation, 6 hours of group mentoring are included, which are recommended in a face-to-face format in two 3-hour days, one a month after the end of the programme and the other after two months.
  • Minimum number of participants 12, maximum 20
  • The programme includes a personal diagnosis of each participant’s capacity and mentality for change.
  • Includes the book Tropa Sapiens