School of transformation

The ‘School of Transformation’ is an innovative programme designed to empower personal and professional development through a focused approach to mindset change.

This programme offers a unique combination of tools and techniques that enable participants to explore and challenge their limiting thought patterns, cultivating a growth mindset and adaptability. The programme is structured into four training modules that can be delivered in two ways:

In face-to-face format with modules of 4 hours each or as a complete programme in Blended format, with face-to-face, synchronous and on-campus work sessions.

Transformational mindset

Strengthen in front of change

Emotional communication

On the road to efficiency

The programme consists of a total of 50 hours structured as follows:

  • Face-to-face sessions (12h), synchronous virtual sessions (16h) and online dedication through an Online Campus (estimated 16h).
  • At the end of the programme, in order to facilitate the implementation, it includes 6 hours of group mentoring that are recommended in face-to-face format in two days of 3h, one a month after the end of the programme and the other after two months.
  • Minimum number of participants 12, maximum 20.
  • The programme includes a personal diagnosis of each participant’s capacity and mentality for change.
    Includes book Mammoth or Sapiens.